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DentOrdini: our digital transition goes on with our new app for take-away orders, in partnership with CashPos.

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Digitalization is a process we strongly believe in, here at Dentoni and, when it is about synergies in this sense, one of our best suited partners is Cashpos, with whom we have started a partnership already four years ago, leading to automatization of our counters and food scales, beside adding to our venue -some time before- a mechanical, automatized cash register lifting the need for our collaborators to handle cash.

Today we are proud to present another result of this wonderful cooperation. For the last six months now, upon pressing requests from one of us (MS) we have been working with Cashpos to build a web-app which, with time, will digitalize the processes of order taking, processing and handover, which make up such an important part of our job.

Do you know when you order a cake to take to certain friends, or a tray full with pasticciotti which must reach Bari or, perhaps, Northern Italy? At the moment, all these cases are handled through paper ntes where we manually record the order, handing it over brevi manu to the people in charge of preparing it. If the order consists in more than one product, we must record multiple notes.

Of course, this method works pretty well, after all we have been going with it for the last 40 years! However, just like every manual procedure, it is prone to mistakes and oversights when it comes to managing significant volumes, such as those we must handle in the summer.
Sometimes, it happens that some note goes lost in the work frenzy, that something hasn’t been recorded correctly or that some side note is missing.
Sometimes, beside this, our confectioners do not manage to notice potentially significant details, when the latter are recorder in handwriting. Clearly, such a tool which makes scrolling through the list of cakes to be made a possibility in one eyesight since the day before comes in handy.

Soon this will happen, thanks to the potential of this app, developed on the grounds of a project jointly developed with the Cashpos team , which will completely automate order taking, beside oversight of production.

Just as a curiosity, we show here the dashboard for order taking while loading an order for a product you all know so well.

We wholeheartedly thank all the people who have made this little wonder possible: first of all Gianfranco Visentini and Stefano Marelli, for believing in the idea and pushing it through; next is Eng. Filippo Falsone, who has been coordinating the team in charge of the project since the beginning, together with Lorenzo Visentini and Michele Marelli, for pushing the technical possibilities of the product way beyond the initial expectations; it is their credit if shipping time has been kept in check and if the integration of the app with our management system for payments is so delightful.

Mirko Serino e Francesco Panarese

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