Easter is around the corner: Dentoni-trademarked sourdough doves and artsy eggs.

Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown…

Here we go again…another Easter locked at home (or almost). Red, orange and yellow zones, we have grown sick of it…because saying “used to” does not fit well, we must look towards a future where this state of things will be just an ugly memory, without getting numbed.

But meanwhile we would like to try and enjoy these holidays our own way, offering our artisanal products like every year, with home delivery for customers who will decide to choose us: we have arranged a home delivery service that will allow us to personally bring home Easter doves and chocolate eggs all over Salento, beside shipping all over Italy Emerald and Ruby eggs.

And today, with this article, we want to introduce our Easter delicacies.

Dentoni doves: another world-class accolade

The fruit of so much work and passion: behind the success of Dentoni is dedication and research, meant to elate the quality of our ingredients. Such a talent, together with grit, a quality by which our craftsmen have distinguished themselves for decades, have enabled us to conquer another prestigious accolade: after the gold medal in the “Best World-Class Panettone”, today we celebrate the silver medal in the twin competition “Best World-Class Dove”. Ever since one of Yours (FP) has got carried away by his passion foe the secrets of sourdough, satisfaction has been endlessly mounting: from our customers’ enthusiastic support to the spiralling growth of our e-commerce sales, which we started right before last Christmas, to international accolades: let’s say that the three days it takes to produce each and every sourdough cake are well spent and for this we are grateful to You, who keep choosing us 🥰

For this Easter, the doves varieties we propose are Classic, Figs and Nuts, three Chocolates, Coffee and White Chocolate, Pistachio and White Chocolate. They can all already be booked through our e-commerce website.

The magic of sculpture and the taste of fine chocolate: with our artisanal, artistic eggs, every gift is a success

The finest milky, black or white chocolates are our sole, unique ingredient. The magic of our Chocolate Eggs signed by Dentoni is born thanks to an original and fine insight: Disney characters, small pets, fantasy characters make our offer spectrum. The decoration technique, which our Emanuela masters, gives away colorful fascinations that turn into the magic of the end result. Fascinating, original and, if you allow us…delicious. Our confectionery’s tradition owes everything to its founders’ passion and dedication with which they supervise all of our collaborators in every department, striving for perfection. But in this very case “supervision” comes short of conveying the real meaning, because our artsy eggs come solely from Emanuela’s hands ! Well…perhaps one of Yours (it’s always FP) helps a bit with packaging, which is the sole domain where we can get away without losing our face!!! 😅

Our chocolate characters are waiting for you! unfortunately, their extreme beauty is connected to their fragility, which prevents us from shipping them further away then Salento…but for chocolate gluttons who live “beyond the borders” we have spared two more, new products.

The Emerald and Ruby eggs: thick, yummy and…suited for shipping!

And here we go with the real news from this year: if it is true that it’s been years our Franz has spent with sourdough, and even longer since Emanuela -his wife, incidentally- work with chocolate to create ever more realistic characters, it’s true that this time we really overdid: we are already shot of time like this, in order to make jewelry we should become magicians and create more of it! But we did it nevertheless: starting this year, you’ll find also emeralds and rubies at our venue.

Jokes aside, the traditional Easter egg is always a great thing, but what about reinforcing it with a pistachio-chocolate inner layer, and, outside, pistachio nuts? Or if milky chocolate is covered with nuts? Before thinking, take a look:

Inspired by the challenging circumstances we are going through, we have thought to create tempting products amenable to transportation in parcels, so as to reach people who are interested in the essence of chocolate! Or, why not, those who are willing to forego the our chocolate character’s sympathy but would like top-quality chocolate on their Easter table (and perhaps even afterwards!). Also Emerald and Ruby eggs are already available on our e-commerce, beside -obviously, at us in Torre dell’Orso.

Also today we have told you a small part of our story, of our obsessions: we hope to see you soon, while looking forward to spend another Sweet Easter, once again altogether, as a family!

Mirek e Franz


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