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Our new self-service counter and electronic scales, in partnership with Cashpos


Dentoni was born as a craftsmen’s and family company. Also with customer and suppliers relationships we like feeling at home, like in a family. Such a synergy has been going on for two years now with Cashpos, a company in the province of Modena growing strongly and which, since autumn 2019, has introduced us for the first tie to the world of automatic cash registers.

We still remember the awe of our customers when we tested for the first time the automatic cash register Cashlogy Azkoyen which, laid on the corner of our bar, received coins and notes plugged straight into it by customers and issued change without our collaborators touching money any longer (an advantage, in terms of sheer hygiene and beyond, which is worth the whole capital investment in itself when, during the low season, you do not have a dedicated cash clerk.)

Our first fully automated cash register

Back at the time, this was already a pretty significant innovation for a confectionery outside of a big town, but we have always loved novelty and, even if most of the times those we propose are cake-related, we are convinced that technology can be embraced with sufficient intelligence and flexibility to make it a precious tool in any situation: to the many winter customers wondering how we would have managed to handle summer influxes with such a contraption, apparently tricky and surely slower than a human clerk, we used to answer that in the summer that counter would help waiters serving customers sitting at tables on our seafront terrace, leaving the task of issuing fiscal bills at high frequency to 100% human cashiers.

And so it has been and it has also been the best choice we might have made: since two years, people serving tables do not interrupt the work of manual cashiers any longer, the latter let able to communicate uninterrupted with customers ordering take-away items from our bar or confectionery and ice-cream windows. This first, lucky transition cycle has recently been closed by our switchover from Cashlogy to Glory cash machines, definitely more robust and larger inside:

Electronic scales and self-service kiosk

But now, with technological progress mounting, the opportunity has arisen to provide a concrete help to human operators inside our venue. During spring 2020, Cashpos has started to work on a a pair of breakthrough products that have been finally launched: a scale issuing scannable QR codes and a touch-screen kiosk for self-service order creation and payment on the customer’s side.
We seriously recommend the interested reader to spaed a couple of minutes to watch the linked video.

Just think of the possibilities this opens up !

A customer wishes to purchase a product sold by its weight, for instance a tray of biscuits or of almond-dough cakes. Now, our clerks must write by hand the cost per kg of the product and issue a non fiscal receipt that the cashier must read and type onto the counter display in turn: there exists, therefore, a double source of mistakes, with all the implied waste of time and embarrassment, if it actually happens. Starting tomorrow, the clerk will only touch a button displaying the name of the product on the automatic scale, which will issue a QR code that cashiers will have the counter’s computer read by small laser scanner installed next to the manual counters, removing this problem.

What can we say about the automatic cash machine, which we will place in front of the main entrance ? It may be that customers find the cue at the main counters too long, as it is often the case in the summer, or perhaps they prefer not to touch money touched by our cashiers, as it is more and more often the case during these pandemic times. No problem: our touch-screen automatic counter features all the products a customer can order from traditional counters, with the only difference that everything, starting from the order and ending with the payment, can be performed autonomously.

Try to watch and believe for yourself:

We are enthusiastic to place this bet and we are positive that, once again, you will reward our choice to bet on innovation and security.

We look forward to seeing you flocking our seafront venue in the summer. Whether you want to order autonomously or traditionally, the cakes waiting for you will be the same you are accustomed to: products nurtured by obsession for quality and in the seafront framework you have chosen for the last ten years.

’til soon from all of our staff !

Mirek e Franz

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