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Our reopening will feature our new windows by Frigogelo


On Sunday, February 6th we have opened once again and, fortunately for us, a lot of you came to visit us. So, first of al, THANK YOU ALL !!!

Let’s say the truth, it looks like we have taken it slowly, but that is not the case! 🙃
We should have reopened on January 30th, so we had announced, but the pandemic has slowed down our dear friends from Frigogelo, who have built and installed the windows that those of you who came on Sunday have surely noticed…the aesthetic difference with respect to the past does not go unnoticed. 🤩

With a more modern and linear design than the previous ones, the new windows perfectly match the style of our venue, beside being equipped with a digital system for remote control of the 4.0 industry league, which sets them into the class of equipment we have been investing in for the last two years, such as our new ice cream machine, already with us since last summer, and the self service cash register, to which we dedicated a separate article.

Thanks to the e-x-t-r-e-m-e professionalism of the Frigogelo crew, led by Marcello and Mirko Misurini’s family, the windows for Sunday small confectionery, our fridge cakes and our ice cream will now be protected by a state of the art cooling system, able to unbearably better withstand the summer heat, beside granting a significant energy saving, which is not bad in current times, if you catch our drift…!!! 😱

But there really are two big advantages, which stand out from the picture above to the most attentive eye, but especially from daily usage: their height, lower w.r.t. their predecessors, allows shorter people (as Yours) to communicate more easily with you customers, to everyone’s rejoice…but especially our rejoice. 😂
Then, jokes aside, we must say this: the visibility of our products, thanks to their brightness, is really enhanced.

Thank you, Misurini family ! 🤗

Now we shall wait for you customers, to welcome even more of you and, starting now, with even better tools.

’till soon !

Mirko Serino and Franz Panarese

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