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The new Christmas marketing campaign for PanDentoni…with Mandrake!


The new Christmas marketing campaign for PanDentoni…with Mandrake!

We can only say that, when it comes down to original ideas, our boys at BeHashtag are no forerunners! For this year’s panettoni campaign, they have scored three consecutive goals, as real top-notch professionals:

  • The panettone by Dentoni has become PanDentoni.
  • The advertising video, which you can watch on our official Instagram and Facebook pages, features Mandrake, a famous influencer for the public from Salento.
  • Our boxes make a nice couple with the advertisement theme, which is the dispute between panettone and pandoro lovers, the latter being still many in Italy, because the proper appreciation of high-quality candied fruit still has trouble gaining enough traction.
Our new friend Mandrake (in the center) with Gianmarco, chief of modern confectionery sector (on the left) and Alex, our commercial front-man (on the right).

Mandrake, for the readers of this blog, likely needs no introduction but, if the need existed for somebody, you can look him up on his Instagram page…

The theme of the PanDentoni advertising campaign, which touches upon the “ideological” dispute between panettone and pandoro, is still current in our country…like every respectable comic matter, on the background there is a real “problem”. Unfortunately, the extreme popularity of industrial products of medium-to-low quality implies that, in many people’s minds, panettone is still seen as a pretty lowly commercial product and its candied fruit as no more than pumpkin slices filled with colouring and coated with second-rate sugar.
But that does not have to be the case: candies fruit can boast a centuries-old tradition and, if ancient recipes are abided by, the taste of real fruit is not lost to the sugar coating. Try for yourself…and that’s the spark for our campaign: our panettoni are made solely with top-quality artisanal candied fruit, beside the sourdough that imparts to them a fragrance and a taste which are in another league with respect to the industrial pandoro, which gets its taste mostly from its fat content.
Admittedly, the latter is still better than nothing for those who feel disturbed by commonplace candid fruit, as one of yours (MS) used to be before the other (FP) got caught by his obsession for sourdough, which has led him to roam all of Italy to learn rom the top masters, from Teresio Busnelli to Beniamino Bazzoli!

To conclude this post, we would like to show you our new boxes, specifically conceived for this year’s campaign. And we do it by welcoming once again our limoncello panettone, a great hit from two years ago, which proved somewhat troublesome in the long run, because of the limoncello cream, which used to be injected directly into the dough, making its weight outsized and its flavour slightly fading away after a while.
Starting this year, the cream is stored in a separate pot, which is included by default within the box, whereas the dough gets a lemon flavour from the addition of lemon rind, making it reach a balance similar to that of pistachio panettone, our greatest commercial hit so far!

Merry Christmas and a good PanDentoni to everybody !

Mirko and Franz

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