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Today we celebrate another accolade and we take the chance to reflect on life: among so many uncertain and possible paths, the one that comes true looks obvious in retrospect…a pity !


At the end of a summer which was intense ad, under many respects, really difficult, we can celebrate with you another victory: upon recommendation of a few embers of the Italian Confederation of Confectioning, Ice-cream Making and Chocolate making, Franz and his wife Emanuela were awarded an excellence accolade.

Allow us to show them first, before we dive into a short flashback :

Franz ed Emanuela alla cerimonia di premiazione

Our confectioners have been giving us the greatest gift, i.e. the favourable response from our you, our customers, who choose us daily. But…it has never been for free.
The long apprenticeship which made Dentoni what it is now was made of a lot of physical labour (we haven’t always has so many modern machines at our disposal and so much hired personnel to support us), uncountable early risings no matter what and so many all-nighters, all the way up to 12, sometimes even 16 working hours in a row, as every craftsman running such a business knowns.
Nor Dentoni has always featured the wonderful location on the bay we have got used to during the last ten years: we were born in a venue which was a few squared meters wide, much further from the landscape we can admire nowadays.

So today, when we consider the fortune of receiving these accolades, we think also of the other scenarios which may have been possible: something could have gone wrong, in our plans, and we might have failed to make it so far; some event outside of our control could have jeopardized tourism in Torre dell’Orso, as coastal erosion is dangerously coming closer and closer to accomplishing, if a timely intervention does not intervene. In that case, all the sacrifice in the world would have brought nothing or very little, despite good will.
We believe it is a distinctive feature of a good person’s heart to feel grateful for being lucky, beside clever, in getting to succeed. And we were.

So today, hoping that politics can step into the devastation that is at risk of destroying our beach and our bay at large, beside repairing the lack of proper trash collection and road maintenance services, we want to say to Franz, Emanuela, Clelia and our late Giuseppe that we are so grateful to them irrespective of the goals we have reached, for the simple reason of pushing through for so long, just like a child learns to be grateful to his mother after growing up and looking back through time at all she has done for him and that, before he could realize, he simply took for granted.

It is always about the journey, not the final destination !

’till soon,

Mirek and Franz

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