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Torta Crêpes® has a brand new look


Today we want to share with you a project we have been working on for some time now and which will see the light in 2022.

As our affectionate customers all over Italy know perfectly, our flagship product for the last 20 years has been the Torta Crêpes®, born as a funny domestic experiment to delight the youngest of us in the family and, against all expectations, has become our top-performing cake.

We have personally understood that the pair quality-simplicity pays off…a lot! But what we have never done is to tell the story of the birth of our favourite cake.
Nudged to finally do this by our marketing agency Behashtag, we have resolved to produce a dedicated box, that we show you here ahead of launching it in our venue and of which we report the inner writing, which recounts how this delicacy was born:

The history of Torta Crêpes® is a “Dentoni-style” story. Dentoni equals Franz e Clelia, the siblings who, together with Emanuela and Giuseppe, their partners, have created us and turned us into what we are: a great family.
And for us, constantly on the front line during each and every holiday, family rhymes with Christmas.
It was back on Christmas Eve, 1996, that our mothers’ phantasy and love for experimenting turned two dippers of leftover batter into the first pancakes filled with our chantilly cream, later also coated with hazelnut and chocolate cream.
But if they only wished to create a delight for their children, Franz saw the impossible: a pancake-based fridge cake to be offered to our customers. Today, after a quarter century, we are happy to propose our most successful creation in this special casket. We hope that you too, at least for the short span of a mouthful, can feel as you’re part of our great family !

At the moment we do not have an exact date for beginning to use our box, but it is going to happen in 2022, no matter what…we look forward to welcoming you and, as usual, to receiving your feedback !

Mirek and Franz

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