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Welcome Eva !


Today, for once, we do not talk cakes. But the news we are going to share are no less sweet.The protagonists of this story are Chicca and her wonderful newborn creature, who just joined our family: yesterday at 6 am the first baby human of our dinasty’s fourth generation: welcome, Eva Panero !

It is too early to show you pictures of our little one, but we can surely show a shot from a couple of months ago, with Chicca in between Clelia and auntie Emanuela!

Most of you remember Giuseppe’s shape, Mirko and Chicca’s father and wise administrator of our business for 30 years, thanks to whom we have taken massive leap forwards through the years.
Today that, almost three years from his passing day, after a long disease, we still painfully miss Giuseppe, his granddaughter’s birth, whom he desired more than anything, makes us look at the future more optimistically.

What we can reveal for now is that our little one resembles him a lot…in a few months we’ll post some pictures of her, when she grows up, so that you can assess that too and judge for yourself.
Meanwhile, we can’t wait for her to come home and to cuddle her tenderly !!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍

Mirko and Franz

P.S. and here is an update of this post, as promised, coming straight on Christmas Eve, when we showcase some shots of our little star, who turns 7 months old today !
Isn’t it true that she looks a lot like grandpa Giuseppe ???

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